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Saturday, 18 May 2019

Respect the vote - SUPPORT a 'People's Boycott'

Respect the vote, respect the people - A vote for any party at the European elections is a vote for the EU.

The ‘People’s Vote’ in June 2016 was to leave the European Union... this should be reinforced by a ‘People’s Boycott’ of the EU elections. A boycott “would send the clearest message to the political and big business establishment.

After eight years of budget cutting, Britain is looking less like the rest of Europe and more like the United States, with a shrinking welfare state and spreading poverty.

Austerity under the Tories has seen Britain grow accustomed to living with less, even as many measures of social well-being — crime rates, opioid addiction, infant mortality, childhood poverty and homelessness — point to a deteriorating quality of life.

This Tory regime has created destitution, Austerity has had nothing to do with economics. It was about chipping away the pillars of welfare. It’s about politics abandoning vulnerable people. The Tories have  refashioned British society, making it less like the rest of Western Europe, with credible social safety nets and egalitarian ethos, and more like DONALD TRUMP's United States, where millions lack health care and becoming unemployed can set off a precipitous plunge in fortunes.

 “We are making cuts that I think Margaret Thatcher, back in the 1980s, could only have dreamt of,” Greg Barker said in a speech in 2011, when he was a Conservative member of Parliament.

Our politics have been dominated by Brexit, and under the TORIES it look set to depress growth for years to come. Though every major economy on earth has been expanding lately, Britain’s barely grew during the first three months of 2018. The unemployment rate sits just above 4 percent — its lowest level since 1975 according to deceptive statistics — wages remain lower than a decade ago, after accounting for rising prices. The European Union and the euro has produced a decade of economic stagnation, massive unemployment and a debt crisis. Monetary union has caused mass unemployment across southern Europe, property booms and busts in Ireland and Spain, systemic banking weaknesses in Germany and Italy, and a massive transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich. People ARE losing benefits, falling behind on their electric bills and losing service, resorting to candles for light, In Liverpool roughly 460,000 residents are officially poor, making austerity traumatic: Public institutions charged with aiding vulnerable people are themselves straining from cutbacks.

Europe is not the answer to Britain's problems, we need a General Election and a change of government - a government that can govern for the majority not the minority.
Britain should have left the EU and its institutions by now, almost three years after the result — but this been prevented so far by a majority of MPs and the Tory Cabinet who want to keep us tied to EU single market and customs union rules if they can’t sabotage Brexit altogether. The vote to leave the EU removes the legitimacy of elections to an EU Parliament that already has questionable credentials. The EU Parliament cannot initiate legislation and rarely challenges the EU Commission when it dictates draconian austerity and expansionist policy. EU institutions are moving from an absence of democracy to anti-democracy and this mirrors the decline of social democratic influence and the rise of the right. The argument that we would be better off out has already won majority support. So there could not be any rationale for participation. We believe people, whether they voted Leave or Remain, deserve political representation. They need this in elections to a parliament that can take representation and make decisions for which it is accountable.

That is not the EU Parliament. The overwhelming achievements of the workers’ movement, from pensions and social insurance, the NHS, public education and even securing the vote, let alone legislation on health and safety, equal pay and discrimination at work, come from struggle in and out of Parliament in Britain, not Brussels or Strasbourg. 

We need a People’s Brexit and a general election that can return a left and Labour government, which can begin to rebuild Britain for the people, not the bankers.

EU rules would halt a future Labour government’s policies for public investment in industry and infrastructure (including housing and public transport), an end to privatisation and outsourcing, cuts in VAT and a ban on the super-exploitation of migrant workers. We need for a future Labour government to be free from EU pro-market, pro-big business rules in order to carry out many of its radical manifesto policies.

 Respect the vote - SUPPORT a 'People's Boycott' on 23 May 2019


 Respect the vote - SUPPORT a 'People's Boycott' on 23 May 2019

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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Now is the Time to Vote Labour - 10 Great reasons!

Now is the Time to Vote Labour - Great reasons to Vote Labour
We know #Conservative rule hurts communities. We also know that under #Labour, people will have a #WelfareState that PROTECTS the vunerable in society.

On 8 June, there are many great reasons to vote Labour. Here are just a few that will make a real difference to to ordinary peoples lives.

1. Real #investment in #skills and #training.
Labour will grow our #economy, investing in skills and infrastructure through a national investment bank

2. Under Labour, #WorkWillPay
Labour will eradicate insecure #ZeroHoursContracts. The Labour Party will ensure that nobody earns less than £10 per hour.

3. Only Labour can be trusted with our NHS
Labour will stop the pay cuts to #NHSstaff. No more will #nurses be so #poor that they turn to #foodbanks. Labour will halt the cuts to A&E services.

4. A better chance of a better home
The average home to buy now costs almost 8 times the average salary. Only Labour will ensure that renting is affordable, and that #OneMillionNewHomes will be built, #council and private, over the next five years.

5. The best #education for ALL our #children
Conservative plans for grammar and free schools are elitist and a waste of resources. Labour will stop the #EducationCuts, keep class sizes under 30 and ensure our youngest children have a nutritious #FreeSchoolMeal.

6. #PublicTransport that supports our communities
Only Labour will end chaotic and costly #RailPrivatisation and support communities to run their own bus services.

7. A stronger voice for YOU
Labour will provide a decent #WelfareState that PROTECTS the vunerable in society. Modernise #TradeUnionLaws and ensure that #unions can negotiate collectively on behalf of some of the most vulnerable workers. Labour will remove the punishing Tory tribunal fees that have denied justice to so many at work.

8. A stronger Britain in the world
Labour will pursue the trading arrangements our economy needs – access to the single market, and barrier-free trade. Labour will honour the rights of the three million EU workers here already, and defend the rights of the million or so UK workers in the European Union - EU. Only Labour will target the bad bosses who #exploit #MigrantWorkers, drive down wages and destroy community cohesion.

9. Affordable, responsible energy under Labour
Labour will invest in new forms of #energy to tackle climate change, create the well-paid decent jobs of tomorrow – and keep #EnergyBills low.

10. A fix for our #BrokenEconomy
Under the Tories, UK #LivingStandards have slumped. Among EU economies, only Greece has suffered a harder hit. Labour will tackle the low wage, low skill economy the Tories have created, to build a stronger economy that works for the many, not the few.

On 8 June Respect For the Unemployed & Benefit Claimants urges you to vote for the party that will build the best future for all, not the few.


Thursday, June 8th is the most important campaigning day of the whole election. It is the day we knock on doors to get out the Labour vote. It is the day our efforts on the doorstep will win or lose the election.

If you don't do anything else, pledge some time on June 8th. We'll be in touch a few days before with advice on what you can do and where you'll be useful.

Watch the
#video #LiarLiar & then download track - its 99p we will make them listen #GE2017

On 8 June,

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Owen Smith says abolish the DWP, but Jeremy had already decided to do so !

Owen Smith says abolish the DWP, but Jeremy Corbyn had already decided to do so! Smith says he would abolish the DWP and create a Ministry of Labour

He would turn Britain into a world-beating place for employment rights.
He says he would create a ministry of labour. And he would scrap the Department for Work and Pensions, which he says has become a “byword for insecurity and cruelty”, and replace it with a Department for Social Security.

The fact is he has “copied” & stolen policy ideas already announcement by shadow chancellor John McDonnell.

Everyone who has been campaigning & attacked by the vindictive policies of the Department for Work and Pensions knew both Jeremy Corbyn & John McDonnell in a future Labour Government would abolish the DWP.

John McDonnell’s call for the reinstatement of a Ministry of Labour, was made last month 30 June at the Institute of Employment Rights. Jeremy Corbyn announced in 2015 he would scrap the Department for Work and Pensions & create a Ministry of Labour. He also made calls for a ban on exclusive workforce recruitment from abroad, made during the referendum campaign.

The only person who did not speak up when needed was the Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Owen Smith himself. In fact he was extraordinarily silent on the issue before resigning - one could argue he was waiting for the killer blow on the current leader of the Labour Party before stealing his visionary ideas.

Owen Smith said today at Orgreave made famous for the battle during the Miners Strike that he grew up in South Wales during the miners' strike. "That's when I came alive politically".

He said "we’ve been a weak opposition, and worse than being a weak opposition, we haven’t laid out in anything like enough detail a credible prospectus for government." The simply fact of the matter is MP's within the Parliamentary Labour Party there exist a systemic culture that is at the root of a power struggle.

On a personal note as Chairman of Respect For the Unemployed & Benefit Claimants - the son of a Scottish miner who left school the same year as the miners strike in Thatchers Britain & joined my father on the picket line. I knew poverty & deprivation, having to eat out Hillards food dumps prior to Tesco skips to survive. Ever since I have a deep understanding of politics & community solidarity & collective responsibility. An Injury to One is an Injury to All runs through my veins & continues in ethos within the campaigning strategy of Respect for the Unemployed. We have known Jeremy for the last 25 years. We know him, trust him & know that he will help build a better a society thats respects its people (all the people). We the people need 'a Jeremy' in 10 Downing Street.

Power Corrupts And Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

Owen it's very easy to promise so much when seeking great power, we the unemployed, disabled & benefit claimants have witnessed first hand betrayal from both political parties for failed policies. You have been in parliament for six  years, in our opinion that is simply not long enough to lead a party based on promises with no track record. On the other hand Jeremy Corbyn Entered the House of Commons on 9 June 1983 before the Miners Strike - with a track record second to none. 

It was Jeremy that invited striking miners into the House of Commons gallery in 1985 who were expelled for shouting "Coal not Dole" of which as a teen I remember well.

  Ken Gill TUC President "there is no political independence without economic independence"

The miners just as todays unemployed became cannon fodder thrown into the gutter of unemployment as pits closed have never forgotten the betrayal by Margaret Thatcher, John Major & Tony Blair. They sought to demonise those miners for the deindustrialisation of Britain & mass unemployment. Many of those former miners became chronically ill due to working underground & then depression & isolation which still continues to this day, passed from one benefit to another but no Social Security. Many of those former miners & unemployed voted #brexit NOT because of immigration but because of anger & frustration of no political economic voice. Best articulated in the video above by Ken Gill TUC President in the 1980's

The miners knew & today's generation are all to aware that nationalisation of industries was not an option, hence unless they voted #brexit "there is no political independence without economic independence"

Owen ..... you have an important crucial role within the labour movement but being leader is not 'it'. Position yourself, work with Jeremy but respect his vision & mandate. All this talk of splits within the Parliamentary Labour Party is petulant. Those MP's must realise the people are watching & listening.

This is why Britain's Unemployed & Benefit Claimants will be supporting Jeremy Corbyn to be our next Prime Minister

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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Bullying in Labour & the power struggle of Jeremy Corbyn

Today Jeremy Corbyn spoke about bullying. The reality is: Jeremy has faced a barrage of abuse & continued demonisation from fellow MP's and the right wing media.

Within the Parliamentary Labour Party there is systemic

People who indirectly express their negative emotions instead of addressing them directly are said to have passive aggressive behavior, according to the Mayo Clinic. People who are passive aggressive are often resentful and resist other’s demands.

What Does Passive Aggressive Behavior Look Like?

While many people are vaguely familiar with this condition, some may be wondering, “What is passive aggressive behavior?” There are many examples of passive aggressive behavior. They include a person having a hostile or sullen attitude, even when the people are him/her are happy and upbeat.

MP's who constantly complain about  Jeremy Corbyn leadership style are exhibiting passive aggressive behavior. Those same MP's who are passive aggressive may intentionally be hesitant to meet others demands from the leadership, or intentionally make mistakes when asked to do something. This is why 10 months on we face another leadership election!

Setting up the leader to fail is about class politics. Jeremy represent a new kind of politics, the Parliamentary Labour Party simply don't want that vision or debate. The Parliamentary Labour Party is acting in a very petulant manner. Jeremy Corbyn won the leadership election, but it's now obvious that 90% of the Parliamentary Labour Party took upon themselves to give Jeremy Corbyn the 'physiological silent treatment'.

Huffington Post also asserts that people who are passive aggressive will deny that they are hurt or angry. After the massive mandate from the membership the Parliamentary Labour Party felt hurt, angry and most importantly powerless.
However, the individual with passive aggression won’t admit that they are hurt, angry or offended.... they are simply in denial - The bully then pretends to be a victim of a bully !

Other passive aggressive behavior examples include the silent treatment, even if the other party is not aware of the reason for the treatment. People with passive aggression are often very sarcastic, even when sarcasm is not necessary and will obviously ruin the upbeat mood of a conversation. We have seen numerous examples from 100's television & radio interviews given by so-called honorable members in the venomous demonisation of Jeremy Corbyn.

Passive aggressiveness is a form of hostility, according to Huffington Post. This means that the behavior indicates a power struggle. Calling the behavior out with no apologies and setting boundaries is essential.

When passive aggressive MP's show their negative behavior to their leader, it’s often the option to provide direct consequences to the passive aggressive person, or to simply explain the options surrounding the deselecting of labour MP's if the behavior continues.

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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Why are the Blairites moving against Corbyn - Chilcot REPORT!

Why are the Blairites moving against Corbyn now, with such precipitate haste? The answer is the Chilcot Report. It is only a week away, and though its form will be concealed by thick layers of establishment whitewash, the basic contours of Blair’s lies will still be visible beneath. Corbyn had deferred to Blairite pressure not to apologise on behalf of the Labour Party for the Iraq War until Chilcot is published.

It is essential to the Blairites that when Chilcot is debated in parliament next week, Jeremy Corbyn is NOT in place as Labour leader to speak in the debate. The Blairite plan is therefore for the parliamentary party to depose him as parliamentary leader and get speaker John Bercow to acknowledge someone else in that fictional position in time for the Chilcot debate, with Corbyn remaining leader in the country but with no parliamentary status.

We call on all Labour MPs to unite behind the Leadership.

Sign this 'Momentum' petition here:

If the fault line for the Tories is Europe, for Labour it is the Middle East. Those opposing Corbyn are defined by their enthusiasm for bombing campaigns. Hilary Benn and Heidi Alexander, are hardline supporters of Israel. 

Hilary Benn is very serious about his power grab and has been laying the ground for it very carefully. On 18 November BICOM – the British Israeli Communications and Research Centrepublished this:
Shadow Foreign Secretary Hilary Benn told a Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) lunch yesterday that relations with Israel must be based on cooperation and rejected attempts to isolate the country.
Addressing senior party figures in Westminster, Benn praised Israel for its “progressive spirit, vibrant democracy, strong welfare state, thriving free press and independent judiciary.” He also called Israel “an economic giant, a high-tech centre, second only to the United States. A land of innovation and entrepreneurship, venture capital and graduates, private and public enterprise.”
Consequently, said Benn, “Our future relations must be built on cooperation and engagement, not isolation of Israel. We must take on those who seek to delegitimise the state of Israel or question its right to exist.”
Heidi Alexander actually signed, as a 2015 parliamentary candidate, the “We Believe in Israel” charter, the provisions of which state there must be no boycotts of Israel, and Israel must not be described as an apartheid state. This fault line is very well defined. The manufactured row about “anti-Semitism” in the Labour Party shows exactly the same split.

No rational person would believe Brexit was Jeremy Corbyn’s fault. No rational person would believe that now is a good moment for the Labour Party to tear itself apart. Extraordinarily, the timing is determined by Chilcot REPORT.
Protest - Blair lied: Time for Truth and Justice

This is a critical period for anti-war politics. In less than ten days we will ask that Blair and his allies are held accountable for the sea of blood and tears they have caused in Iraq and the rest of the region. Be there.

Protesters outside former Prime Minister Tony Blair home July 6th 8.45am

Campaigning around the upcoming Chilcot Report will include a protest on the 6th July at the QE2 Centre at 10am and a rally at Mary Ward House on the 7th at 7pm, in addition to various local activities around the country, including in Newcastle, Birmingham, Nottingham, Brixton, Hackney and Leeds.

London Protest
Chilcot: Time for Truth and Justice
6th July - 10 am
Queen Elizabeth 2 Centre
Broad Sanctuary
London, SW1P 3EE

Public rally: The People's response to Chilcot
7th July - 7pm

Mary Ward House
5-7 Tavistock Place
London WC1H 9SN

On the 7th July in the evening there will be a public meeting at Mary Ward House. Speakers will include Brian Eno, Reg Keys, Peter Oborne, Louise Christian, Lindsey German and many more.

Just over a week before the EU referendum took place a news item appeared in the Telegraph "Labour rebels hope to topple Jeremy Corbyn in 24-hour blitz after EU referendum".

It's obvious for all to witness - This coup was pre-planned by the Blairites.

At this critical moment in our country’s history, the Tories look like they are extending their period of infighting and backbiting. With a government in crisis, Labour must unite as a source of national stability.

Some in the Party wish to use the confusion caused by Brexit & the timing of Chilcot to manufacture a leadership contest. This division is the last thing we need.

Jeremy Corbyn addressing 10,000 Parliament Square with just 24 hours notice.

We call on all Labour MPs to unite behind the Leadership.

Sign this 'Momentum' petition here:

Over 215,000 people so far have signed an ON-LINE petition here >> in 'A VOTE OF CONFIDENCE IN JEREMY CORBYN'

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Sunday, 26 June 2016

We have full confidence in Corbyn - sign ON-LINE petition - #BackCorbyn Protest at Parliament

We have full confidence in Corbyn

Labour Party members and supporters, appeal to all members of the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) to REJECT the motion of no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn tabled by Margaret Hodge and Ann Coffey.

The country now faces critical questions about the future of our economy and society.  We believe that a leadership contest at such a time would be self Indulgent and a waste of our party resources. It would also let the Tories off the hook at a time when they are bitterly split.

Over 181,120 people so far have signed an ON-LINE petition here >> in 'A VOTE OF CONFIDENCE IN JEREMY CORBYN AFTER BREXIT' 

This is a time for Labour to be united.

Britain’s vote to leave the EU and David Cameron’s resignation has caused a Tory leadership crisis. At this critical moment in our country’s history, the Tories look like they are extending their period of infighting and backbiting. With a government in crisis, Labour must unite as a source of national stability. The Party must focus on speaking up for jobs and workers' rights, counter the scapegoating of migrants and challenge any attempt to use the referendum result to introduce an even more right-wing Tory government by the back door.

Some in the Party wish to use the confusion caused by Brexit to manufacture a leadership contest. This division is the last thing we need. We call for unity and the Labour Party to offer a programme of hope for our people.

If Labour MPs move to oust Corbyn now, they would be showing contempt for the colossal democratic mandate he received from party members and supporters less than 12 months ago. 

We call on all Labour MPs to reject the motion and unite behind the Leadership.

Sign this 'Momentum' petition here:

We would also encourage all supporters who are able to attend to join the #BackCorbyn Protest at Parliament at 6pm tomorrow, Monday 27, to coincide with the meeting of the PLP.

Those backing Jeremy Corbyn listed below - to add your support contact / email Graham Bash - Editorial Board, Labour Briefing

Michael Calderbank -  LRC EC and Secretary, Brent Central CLP
Jackie Walker - Vice-Chair, Momentum
Seema Chandwani - Secretary, Tottenham CLP
Norrette Moore - Membership Secretary, LRC
Mike Phipps - Brent Central CLP
Chris Ford - Walthamstow Central CLP
Walter Wolfgang, Labour CND
Keith Dunn - Tottenham CLP
Ruth Conlock - Manchester Worthington CLP
Emily Jones - Gorton Manchester CLP
Dafydd Taylor - Haltemprice & Howden CLP
Claire Jones - Sefton Central CLP
Laura Graham, Regional Officer, Bakers Food & Allied Workers Union
Dave Hodge - Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Jon Rogers, Brighton Pavilion CLP and UNISON NEC
Ella Downing - Brent Central CLP
Derek Lovell - Brighton &Hove CLP
Nick Rogers -Tottenham CLP.
Pam Wortley - Sunderland central CLP
Tahir Mirz - Newham CLP
Cllr John Wiseman - Chair St Helens South and Whiston CLP
James McAsh - London Regional Board
Ian Hodson - National President - Bakers’, Food & Allied Workers Union
Laura Lloyd - Wallasey CLP
James Rogerson - Labour International
Suzanne Gannon - Colne Valley CLP
Carol Wilcox - Secretary Christchurch CLP
Pete Firmin - TULO, Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
Cllr Gary Heather - Islington
Councillor Keir Morrison - Sherwood CLP, UCATT
Jane Aitchison -  Keighley CLP
Chris Knight - Streatham CLP
Philip Lewis - Camden UNISON
Daniel Stone -Tottenham CLP
Prof Christian Fuchs - Hornsey-Wood Green
Lesley-Anne Ure - Communication Workers Union & GMB
Rhys Horton - CLP - Carmarthen East and Dinefwr
Charley Allan - Hornsey & Wood Green EC member
Dr Alan Roe - Colne Valley CLP
Alex Nunns - Hertford and Stortford CLP
Ian Pope -  Rochford & Southend East CLP
Dorothy Macedo - Finchley & Golders Green CLP
Janet Shapiro - Hornsey & Wood Green CLP
Stuart Fewtrell - Telford CLP
David Brennan - Wirral West CLP
Cllr Geoff Lumley - Isle of Wight CLP
Mary Taylor - Eltham CLP
Elaine Smith MSP
Ian Ilett - Suffolk Coastal CLP
Peter Morton - Rochester and Strood CLP/UNISON
John Holmes - CWU (retired)
Peter Chowney - Leader, Hastings Council
Adeel Aurangzeb - Tottenham CLP
Howard Tribe - Ealing CLP
Michael Reddington - Stroud CLP
Rev Steven Saxby - Walthamstow CLP
Cllr Eileen Rowbotham - Chair, Kent County Council Labour Group
Janet Cashman - Wallasey CLP
Dave Smith - Sheffield Healy CLP/UNITE
Cllr Stephen Thomas - Hartlepool CLP
Lance Jackson - Dudley North CLP
Vincent Wackett - EC. Epping Forest CLP
Sally Cook - Wolverhampton West CLP
Cllr Paul Gowen - Lincoln Council
Sean Fox - Mitcham and Morden CLP
Kate Jensen - Barking CLP
Arthur Jordan - Dundee West CLP
Steve McKenzie - Erith and Thamesmead CLP
Cllr Jumbo Chan - Brent Council
Tom Gillen - Walthamstow CLP
Robin Symonds - Rotherham CLP
Maria Ihnatowicz - Bermondsey and Old Southwark CLP
Gilaine Young - Sheffield Central CLP
Daniel Harris - Wolverhampton CLP
Melissa Bassil - Buckingham CLP
John Bassil - Musicians Union
Martin John - Sheffield Central CLP
Ken Webb - Cardiff South Penarth CLP
Kim Wood - Sussex LRC
Kenny Fryde - Cambridge CLP
Ian Malcolm-Walker - LRC EC & Bournemouth West CLP
Mike Kennard - Treasurer, Chatham & Aylesford CLP
Lisa-Marie Derbyshire - North East Derbyshire CLP
Maggie Kelly - York Central CLP
John Mooney - Grimsby CLP
Kira Davison - Cambridge CLP
Rosemary Hedges - Calder Valley CLP
Joanne Panitzke-Jones - Totnes CLP
Violett Cleghorn - Cotswold CLP
Liz Lindsay - Brent Central CLP
Helen Underhay - UNITE
Anne Barry - Brighton Kempton CLP
Amber Webster - North Norfolk CLP
Geraldine Moore - Corby CLP
Dave Garry - Wirral CLP
Noel Hayes - Chingford and Woodford Green CLP
Nick Hostettler - Streatham CLP
Neil Martin - Rayleigh and Wickford CLP
Bob Simm - Wolverhampton South West CLP
Marti Delon - Adur and East Worthing CLP
Andrew Scarborough - Leader, Labour Group, Welling Borough Council
Ian Townson - Battersea CLP/UNITE
Jill Dixon - Sunderland South CLP
Will Haughan - Sunderland South CLP
Ian Saville - Brent Central CLP
John Beresford - West Leeds CLP
Christine Rogers - Hastings CLP
Caitlinn Eckhardt - York Central CLP
Phillip Kibler - North Norfolk CLP
Helen Brown - Hazel Grove CLP
Sobay Berriman - Falmouth CLP
Karen Broady - Manchester Gorton CLP
Andrew Hardman - Bolsover CLP
Carol Lacey - North East Derbyshire CLP
Daina Gregory - Herne Bay CLP
Caroline Collins - RAFT foundation
Bisi Williams - Islington North CLP
Lucy Burke - Bury South CLP
Sheila Shepherd - Milton Keynes CLP
Hannah Minns - Milton Keynes CLP
Neil Williams - Milton Keynes CLP
Terry Day - Walthamstow CLP
Peter Drake - Orkney Islands CLP
Coilla Drake - Orkney Islands CLP
Natalie Curtis - Cardiff CLP
Sally Parrott - Guilford CLP
Hannah Thompson - Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Sue Millard - Cumbria Labour Party
Peter Robbins - Cheshire Labour Party
Shani Kara - Tottenham CLP
Caz Walker - Penrith and the Borders CLP
Kate Jensen - Barking CLP
Dr Sally Jones - Leeds Labour Party
Matthew Caddis - Bradford Labour Party
James Hibbert - Rossendale and Darwen CLP
Gill Reagan - Stoke North CLP
Patrick Reagan - Stoke North CLP
Karen Heywood - Bridgewater and West Somerset CLP
Richard Conway - Charlton Labour Party
Alex Pym - Musicians Union
Christina Purcell - Chorlton Manchester Labour Party
Graham Abbott - Paignton CLP
Janice Taggart - Yardley CLP
Sue Lukes - Islington North CLP
Mark Rose - Worcester CLP
Diane Maguire - Harrogate and Knaresborough CLP
Iain Mooney - Barrow-in-Furness CLP
Colin Blundell - South Holland CLP
Anne Nichols - Westmorland and Lonsdale CLP

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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Why you should vote to REMAIN in the EU - on Thursday 23 JUNE

Having listened to political economical hype on the EU Referendum it is now time to decide .... but while you do pause for thought. We urge group members within Respect For the Unemployed & Benefit Claimants to vote to REMAIN within the EU.

Leaving the EU would bring economic political chaos & mass unemployment, the former Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith has a track record of failure behind him.  He simply can not be trusted - he's one leading figures in the Vote Leave Campaign who is also looking to replace David Cameron.

Iain Duncan Smith & Vote Leave is asking Britain to vote LEAVE on Thursday. Lets analyse the former secretary of Department for Work and Pensions whose Job it was to reduce unemployment in Britain & get people back to work.

His polices & those of Vote LEAVE will end up creating mass unemployment.  

FACT:  the EU brings us jobs, growth and investment, protects British workers and consumers and helps keep us safe. Leaving would put that at risk and diminish Britain’s influence in the world.

Over three million British jobs are linked to our trade with the EU

And almost half of all British exports go in goods and services to countries in the European Union. Britain is a proud trading nation with almost half of our exports going to EU countries – worth over £220 billion a year to the UK economy. Over three million British jobs are linked to UK exports to the EU. UK jobs and businesses large and small are dependent on trade with Europe. The EU is the largest single market in the world and over 200,000 British companies export to the EU without having to pay any tariff. Future EU trade could create 790,000 more jobs by 2030 by opening up markets in digital services, energy and tourism.

If your lucky to be in work .... working people have a big stake in the referendum because workers’ rights are on the line. Leaving the EU puts at risk many vital workplace rights currently underpinned by EU law – such as paid holidays, maternity rights, safety at work and better conditions for part-time workers. We don’t trust our current government or brexit leaders not to cut or reduce or cut these rights if they get the chance.

With so much of our trade going to the EU, leaving would risk millions of jobs in export-reliant industries. If these skilled and better paid jobs go they’ll be replaced with worse jobs, if they’re replaced at all.

Most economists agree our economy would take a big hit followed by years of uncertainty, cutting the tax take and putting already overstretched funding for our NHS and public services at even greater risk.We want to see a Europe that helps British people benefit from a growing and fairer society, with new rights for the 21st century.

Before you vote remember this: a Vote Leave donor has been revealed to be former BNP member

Gladys Bramall has given £600,000 to Leave in recent weeks. She has reportedly confirmed she was a BNP member under Nick Griffin's leadership - but says her husband signed her up - news reference link
So on Thursday 23 JUNE vote to REMAIN in the EU Don't trust Iain Duncan Smith with our future - WE Want JOBS - our CALL real dignity & RESPECT for benefit claimants

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Why you should vote - On May 5th

As we prepare for the Local Elections tomorrow May 5th remember the price of conservative governance - The first Comprehensive Study‬ into destitution‬ in the UK has revealed that 1.25 million people, including over 300,000 children‬, are destitute, the independent Joseph Rowntree Foundation has announced. Destitution is the most severe form of poverty in the UK and means someone can’t afford the basic essentials they need to eat, keep clean and stay warm and dry.

The total number of destitute people in the UK, including UK citizens, is not currently measured by 10 Downing Street. The report was commissioned by JRF in response to perceptions that extreme poverty had risen in recent years. It has been conducted by experts at Heriot-Watt University with advice from a wide range of experts and service providers across the UK, and has taken two years to complete.

The definition of destitution used in this study was developed with experts and tested with the general public (the only current official definition of destitution is in asylum‬ legislation). They defined destitution as when someone lacked two or more basic essentials in one month. This means that, over this month, people have: Slept Rough‬, had one or no meals a day for two or more days, been unable to heat or to light their home for five or more days, gone without weather-appropriate clothes or gone without basic toiletries‬.

In total, researchers found that:
* 1,252,000 people, including 312,000 #children, were destitute at some point in 2015
* 4/5 were born in the UK
* Around a third had a complex need
* Young, single people, particularly men, are more likely to be destitute, but there are considerable numbers of families living in destitution There is no single cause, but most people had been living in poverty for a considerable period of time before tipping into #destitution. The most common causes are:
* the extra costs of ill health and disability‬
* the high costs of housing‬ and other essential bills
* unemployment‬
* a financial‬ shock like a Benefit Sanction‬ or delay

JRF is calling on the Office for National Statistics to begin officially tracking the number of destitute people in the UK. Government, businesses, communities and individuals need to work together to provide better support for people in crisis, as well as reducing the costs of housing and basic essentials as well as creating better jobs‬ that pay sufficiently.
More than 1.25 million are destitute‬ .... more than 300,000 are children‬: reference :

David Cameron told us all "We’re All in This Together" the reality in Britain - We have a Foodbank‬ that is proving to be a vital lifeline‬ for a Dundee man facing a three-year Benefit Sanction‬ .... he is still serving his sentence imposed by his jobcentre to this day !!

The Trussell Trust identified a man known as Paul, who has been receiving packages from the group, as someone who had worked hard his entire life. Paul was dealt the three-year sanction after failing to adhere to the benefit requirements put in place after so-called Welfare Reforms‬.

He became unstuck after losing his job at the Hilton hotel when it was demolished to make way for the V&A. Paul was sanctioned‬ in the first instance after Jobcentre Plus advisor felt he had not completed his log book correctly.

His second sanction was handed out to him as a result of being 10 minutes late to a meeting at the job centre, something he said was the result of a bus delay. The third and final sanction, that resulted in the three-year cap on his benefits, came about after Paul was made to wait for an hour in the job centre to meet an advisor. He complained about this delay, which staff at the centre felt was aggressive, and his unemployment‬ benefits were capped until 2018.

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When James O'Brien On Lbc was speaking about foodbanks‬, Mike called LBC to say that he was living on just a tin of spaghetti‬ a day since being made redundant‬. He was struggling with unemployment daily and became emotional on the phone and broke down in tears.

The Tories stole the 2015 general election & the police / Crown Prosecution Service are investigating - tomorrow May 5th give the Conservatives a BLOODY nose in the local elections & Vote LABOUR. 

The Electoral Commission UK
have written to Crown Prosecution Service on the Conservatives Election‬ Spending issue surrounding the Election Fraud 2015‬. If the 15-26 Conservative Party MP's being investigated by EC/CPS for breach of this law are guilty, they can be barred for 3 years under the Representation of the Peoples Act 1983.

Former Conservative party Co-Chairman Grant Shapps came unstuck on live television on Wednesday while being questioned about the Conservative party’s election expenses scandal.

While the mainstream media has largely ignored one of the biggest election scandals Britain has ever seen in favour of salivating over Labour party infighting, social media is in meltdown over the Conservative election expenses scandal. Dozens of Tory MPs face accusations that they illegally overspent in the 2015 general election campaign by failing to declare costs associated with the Conservative campaign “battle buses”. The MPs and their agents could face a year in jail and/or an unlimited fine, as well as a three-year ban on holding elective office – potentially triggering by-elections across the country and losing the Conservatives their majority in parliament.

– Tweet BBC journalists to ask for more coverage of the scandal using the #Toryelectionfraud hashtag.

– If you live in one of at least 24 seats where Tory candidates may have been helped to victory without correctly claiming their expenses, please consider contacting your local police force to make a complaint about your candidate’s spending declaration – and to remind the police that they can apply to the courts for an extension to investigate the allegations.

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VOTE IN the Local Election‬ Stand up & send the Conservatives a message on Thursday. Respect For the Unemployed & Benefit Claimants ask you to lend your vote to the Labour Party on May the 5th

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