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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Spanish unemployment hit record high - nearly SIX MILLION !!

Spaniards signing on the dole !
The number of unemployed people reached 5,639,500 at the end of March, with the unemployment rate hitting 24.4%. Economic figures due out on Monday are expected to confirm that Spain will have joined the UK & slipped back into recession.

In the first three months of the year, 365,900 people in Spain lost their jobs. The country has the highest unemployment rate in the European Union and it is expected to rise further this year.

Cuts in public spending & severe austerity measures by capitalist governments are NOT working. The government in Spain along with Greece, the UK & France have introduced drastic spending cuts designed to reduce "capitalist" debt levels and meet deficit targets agreed with the European Union. These cuts are contributing to severe economic contraction.

What we are witnessing in these countries is a "domino effect" - The recession is so severe that when you take one step forward on austerity, it takes you three steps back. Spain is going down the same path as Greece, the UK has "flat-lined" - we're back into recession. These capitalist countries are all interconnected - the events in Greece, Spain & France have an impact "the capitalist domino effect".

The way out ? ....... a "planned economy" based on the needs of the people not capitalism ! We need a system in place based on socialism.

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In January 2011 (just over a year ago)

A group of jobless Spaniards tried to form the country’s longest-ever unemployment line in the capital of Madrid.

With more than 4 million people unemployed at the time in Spain, the unemployed tried to form the longest unemployment queue to set a world record, around 5 km long.

It's a form of protest against the government's recent benefits cuts for the long term unemployed. A huge number of long term unemployed now receive nothing in the form of any benefits at all.

On-line video is here : Spaniards form longest jobless line

Thursday, 26 April 2012

UK in double-dip recession - storm of a depression looming !

Some will remember the following:

In 1991 within Margaret Thatcher's government the then Chancellor of the Exchequer - Norman Lamont, stated in The Houses of Parliament that "Rising unemployment and the recession have been the price that we have had to pay. That price is well worth paying."

He later went on to say :  "what we are seeing is the return of that vital ingredient – confidence. The Green shoots of economic spring are appearing once again."

Within the last 24 hours it has been confirmed that in the UK we're in a double-dip recession - with the storm of a depression looming. Respect For the Unemployed & Benefit Claimants warned 3 years ago - we either learn from history or risk repeating it !

This shambolic government is repeating history - the Tory led British government are politically, economically inept ! Put into context, our recession period has now gone on longer than the 1930s Great Depression.

Recession can become depression unless the government takes urgent steps to plan for growth through state-sponsored investment. This posh, Tory led coalition government couldn't care less for ordinary people struggling. In Britain we need a planned economy based on social need - socialism is what we require !