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Friday, 25 May 2012

First A4e now 'Working Links' guilty of systemic fraud !

Corrupt lying deceptive crooks making money at the expense of our misery being on the Dole !

First we had A4e - now we have systemic fraud at Working Links - they have been accused of engaging in systemic fraud !

The company currently holds a multi-million-pound contract with the UK Government to find so-called jobs for unemployed people in Wales - it has been accused of engaging in systemic fraud by its own former chief auditor.

Evidence given to the House Of Commons’ public accounts committee earlier this week, the companies former head of internal audit Eddie Hutchinson claimed that “fraud and irregularity became so extensive and disruptive to the work of the internal audit team... that by May 2008 we were both suffering from exhaustion and stress due to the immense physical demands being placed on us as we chased such incidents at many locations across England, Scotland and Wales”.

He told MPs: “The common theme in relation to the DWP contracts was that all of these frauds involved the falsification of job outcome evidence to illegally claim monies from the DWP, together with the false claiming of bonus payments by staff through the company’s incentive bonus system.

“In my professional opinion ... this type of fraudulent behaviour perpetrated by WL staff was extensive, it related to cultures that existed within a number of offices, and was also systemic throughout many areas of WL’s operations on DWP and other funding agency contracts.”

Mr Hutchinson wrote a briefing note for the company’s executive team in 2008 in which quantified the losses from 15 separate frauds and irregularities over the previous 15 months at around £250,000.

The company set up in 2000, Working Links is the biggest provider in Wales of welfare-to-work services through its contract with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). Working Links also has operations in the Middle East & Poland.

Benefit claimants are demonised daily & accused of fiddling their dole - forced to starve - end up in chronic debt & these vultures are allowed to fiddle their books for years - they call it 'business' we Respect For the Unemployed & Benefit Claimants call it theft & deception - prison is too good for these bunch of crooks !!!

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