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Friday, 25 May 2012

Harsher benefit regime - Yosser Hughes said "Gizza job"

The UK government is making benefits even harsher for claimants, our group members have made it known for years that ..... being on benefits is already a living NIGHTMARE !

Some of you will have noticed that benefit payments have been made fortnightly in arrears for some time causing serious financial problems for claimants - within months those same payments will be made MONTHLY IN arrears.

This latest attack on benefit claimants will have serious repercussions, claimants already find it extremely difficult to manage budgets. Our evidence is that many people on low incomes already have chronic difficulties making inadequate benefits last.

Pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith claims the ‘radical’ changes ‘will finally make work pay’ - our response as Yosser Hughes said in the 1980's drama "Boys from the Blackstuff", "Gizza job" - there are no jobs !!.

Universal Credit, will be introduced six months earlier than originally planned. It will replace existing benefits, will be trialled in Tameside, Oldham, Wigan and Warrington from next April.

Claimants on the proposed Universal Credit – will see existing payments such as child tax credit, housing benefit and income support replaced – worryingly it will be paid every monthly not weekly or fortnightly.

Cancer patients are suffering financial hardship because they have difficulty accessing benefits. Macmillan Cancer Support exposed recently that more than half of people who died from cancer each year - nearly 83,000 - never receive the benefits to which they are entitled. Benefit payments paid MONTHLY in arrears when you have cancer is simply WRONG ! Every day is a bonus & claimants should not be worrying about debt & living in poverty.

This rotten contemptuous government continues to bash all claimants, including the disabled & single parents forcing children to live in chronic poverty - a government that lacks any sense of 'empathy' whatsoever !

Single Parents are taunted as feckless and workshy, Respect For the Unemployed & Benefit Claimants has continued to expose this myth smelted in ignorance and prurience.

This week 124,000 single parents whose youngest child is five or six were moved from income support to jobseeker's allowance. There are 1.9 million single parents and their three million children are, statistically speaking, the poorest in society: 46% sit below the poverty line, compared with 24% of families with two parents.

Its worth pointing out only 3% of single mothers are teenagers, 55% of those had their children within marriage; 57% of them are in work, and as soon as their children reach the age of 12 this figure rises to 71%, Fifty four percent of single parents of five- and six-year-olds work already.

The Tories want to categorise all single parents into the Vicky Pollard Fan Club.

Poverty on benefits will become seriously much worse, with the prospect of a decent paid job becoming a fantasy in modern Britain. The Tories are making the lives of ordinary people even tougher with policies that are 'hurting but not working'. This is a recession made in Downing Street - they have nothing to offer, but more of the same failed policies.

Video: Employment Minister Chris Grayling interview on WORKFARE !

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