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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Learn the lessons of History - Ireland MUST vote NO in TODAY's EU fiscal treaty referendum !

The people of Ireland TODAY have the opportunity to reject the EU fiscal treaty next week in a referendum. The people of Ireland must vote NO !

We urge progressives, socialists and trade unionists across Europe to give every assistance to all those in Ireland defending their national sovereignty and battling to halt the EU-imposed austerity cuts and mass privatisation.

Seriously worrying is that one of the final opinion polls ahead of Ireland's referendum next week (31st May) on whether to ratify the EU fiscal treaty suggests it is likely to be a 'yes' vote. When the undecided voters are excluded, the result of the poll for the Irish Times was: 57% Yes and 43% No.

The European Union - EU Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance will condemn future generations to a permanent regime of austerity and unemployment. Unemployment, once described as a thing of the past, but yet again we're heading towards 1930s levels. We need growth NOT austerity and unemployment.

The proposed treaty is designed to abrogate democracy in all European Union - EU member states and end any possibility of working people advancing alternatives to policies which maximise big business profits.

Privatisation is also the hallmark of our Con-Dem government' here in the UK, the disastrous austerity policies follow the same EU guidelines and have already pushed Britain into a new recession with levels of unemployment not seen for decades.

Respect For the Unemployed & Benefit Claimants declares support for militant, mass resistance to austerity and privatisation programmes. We urge our members & supporters including trades unions and the labour movement to demand to end public sector cuts and invest massively in infrastructure and industry instead.

The United States government support for a green retooling of the motor industry has already saved over a million jobs at the cost of only $24 billion -- far less than the cost of bailing out The Royal Bank of Scotland Group.

The fact that such support for industry would be illegal here under EU law only underlines the need for an urgent examination of alternative, democratically accountable structures for international economic cooperation and for Britain's withdrawal from the EU.

There can be no defence of our productive economy, no rebuilding of the public sector and no effective defence of the welfare state within the EU as constituted today..

Many who managed to substantially increase their wages in the 1980s have seen their dreams turn sour ever since

Mortgage debt, repossession, and the threat of slum-like temporary accommodation are a serious reality a direct result from the ConDem counter-reformation. Benefit claimants, those who are sick & disabled face eviction as a result of the "Housing Benefit Cap"

The rich have got much richer, but in direct proportion poverty has returned with a vengeance. While the profits of banks, arms manufacturers, big monopolies and commodity speculators have soared - the price of food as soared as a direct result of capitalist speculators on the world stock markets seeking higher profits.

From Ramsay MacDonald to Jim Callaghan & Tony Blair from their first government to their last, the Labour Party in the UK has to all intents and purposes been indistinguishable from the Tories.

At home and abroad Labour was as loyal to the British state and its interests as the Tories. Labour broke strikes and sustained the status quo in Britain - Ed Miliband is already making his views known with regard to "strikes".

We want a modern Labour Party with vision, a party based on democratic socialism.

Socialism is a system of production based on the actual human wants of society. Socialism has nothing to do with production for its own sake, capitalism is about : production for the sake of profit . Need Before Greed - is our call !

Socialism means using science and technology to liberate people, not to exploit them or make them redundant. Forced labour described as "Workfare" is exploitation - this weekend has seen excellent demonstrations up & down Britain demanding an alternative, we believe socialism is that "Alternative".

Those in work have to work harder and longer, many having to work until we drop. Socialism is the answer to and crises of capitalism.

*** Please watch the video above & see the comparsions with the economic crisis of today - listen to the language / tone of Ramsay MacDonald first ever Labour Prime Minister, the then Prime Minister of the day !

We have been here before !

Capitalism is based on profit = "Greed before Need" !

Socialism based on society / community = "Need before Greed"

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