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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The rich get richer - we get fined for being on the dole !

The rich get richer - we face the dole & fines for alleged irregularities in benefit claims - contrasting views ! 

The annual pay of bosses at UK's largest publicly listed companies rose 11% last year to £3.65m. The figures are based on data from the 60% of FTSE 100 Index companies. Companies including Barclays bank, Xstrata and Premier Foods have faced shareholder revolts at their annual meetings in recent weeks.

Ordinary workers in the UK have to work longer, retire later, paid less & face joining us on the dole - demonised as benefit scroungers & forced to work for 'free' for the likes of Tesco. Recently felt it had to back track on the workfare scheme because of campaigns like ours.

Respect For the Unemployed & Benefit Claimants has learnt tonight that the government alongside Department for Work and Pensions "will be able to fine alleged benefit cheats up to £2,000, with a minimum penalty of £350 without having to take them to court".

You will be considered guilty by the job centre who have a terrible track record for errors in dealing with claims. Job Centre staff will be under pressure to scrutinise your benefit claim, identify errors & therefore accuse you of 'fiddling your dole' to save money.

You will not be allowed to go to court & defend yourself - this alone will save the government £42 million over the next three years. E
ven more harsher penalties coming into effect, include an immediate three year loss of benefit for 'alleged benefit fraud'.

In the UK, not so long ago a person was assumed 'innocent until proven guilty by a court of law' now in the UK - you are assumed guilty & the onus is on you to prove your innocent.

If you was in any doubt, this information will surely dispel the conservative myth : 'we're all in this together'

There is a rule for them at the top & another rule for us ordinary people - this an issue for us all - those in work may become unemployed tomorrow .
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