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Sunday, 27 May 2012

UK - force unemployed to work for FREE or starve !!

Unemployed workers will be forced to work for NOTHING or lose benefits, an arrogant & desperate work and pensions secretary, Iain Duncan Smith announced over the weekend.

The government has simply lost the plot - they promised a recovery but the reality is 'we're in a serious mess', austerity is killing our economy, we need state investment in industry.

We need growth, we want jobs we DON'T want a pittance on benefits. Worse still they want to FORCE us to work for FREE !

We reject working for free damn it ! We demand real jobs, with real rates of pay.

The government announced that Workfare will be "significantly extended" within the next two weeks. This inept government believes forcing people to work for nothing with the threat of losing benefits is the way forward - the reality is: this is a desperate government with no vision for solving Britain's economic problems.

The nightmare continues, Tory ministers are preparing to unveil schemes in which the unemployed will work for up to six months for free, with further compulsion.

The way Britain is being governed could well be a script for an episode of Dads Army with the classic soundbite Don't Panic, Captain George Mainwaring did a better job. Government ministers
& capitalist corporations have been promoting employees beyond their level of ability - commonly referred to as The Peter Principle.

Just last week, the Employment Related Services Association, the organisation behind welfare-to-work providers, warned the government it would not meet the government's "minimum" targets in getting people back into work. It revealed that fewer than one in four of the people who had been on the work programme for six months had found a job.

The reality is, there are NO JOBS - the economy has flat-lined, the patient is dying.

The government is in denial its 'Hurting but not Working' - the number of people claiming housing benefit has gone through the roof, past the five million mark for the first time. More than 90% of those are new claimants & started their claim after the 2010 general election.

All benefit payments will been made MONTHLY IN arrears for the first time in history, causing serious financial problems for claimants.

This rotten contemptuous government continues to bash all claimants, including the disabled & single parents forcing children to live in chronic poverty - a government that lacks any sense of 'empathy' whatsoever !

Benefit claimants are taunted as feckless and workshy, Respect For the Unemployed & Benefit Claimants will continued to expose this myth smelted in ignorance and prurience.

Video: Employment Minister Chris Grayling interview on WORKFARE !

United, we are a formidable force to be reckoned with !!


lou said...

And what is wrong with working for free? its not even working for free its working for your handouts. Sickens me that you expect something for nothing. I see nothing wrong with unemployed actually getting out of bed in the morning. You gonna block me on. this site too like you did on Facebook? You gonna call me a fucking idiot for like you did in your e-mail?

Anonymous said...

Lou. Are you thick? Educate yourself before making judgement. Workfare can ATTACK your paid job. It threatens your job because the greedy firms would like to take up the unemployed people for free labour for maximum profit. It attacks your wage and conditions.You could be sacked and replaced by workfare conscripts. You realise that you could be sacked and unemployed but you come back to your old job with NO PAY. Big business, bankers and landlords (including tories) are the real scroungers. They do not pay the LIVING WAGE. The government have to top up working families to get in line with the living standard. One in 5 in Uk (including working people) claim HB. What if it happens to you. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

As far as I am aware Lou it isn't a handout when you have paid National Insurance contributions.

If you paid house insurance and your house got burgled would you consider it a handout when you claimed for your new tv?

No, I thought not.