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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Poverty, homelessness, unemployment & hunger - a pre budget statement !

Scrap the Bedroom Tax !!
Poverty, homelessness, unemployment & hunger - what is to done ?

The chancellor George Osbourne in his forthcoming budget will 'tell us' yet again he is preparing to place his faith in 'Quantitative Easing'.

Lets study this for a moment - who will benefit from 'Quantitative Easing' ?

* Will it provide food on the table for those struggling - forced to use foodbanks ?
* Will it help ordinary people pay for high fuel bills ?
* Will it give low paid workers a living wage?

The simple answer is : NO !!

This budget will serve to help & protect the richest 10 per cent, on average a £127,000 better off and the poorest tenth £310 worse off.

The Conservative Party wants you to believe we're all feeling the pain & we're all in this together - the reality is this government cares more for millionaires - the 1% in our society.

The Tories are using 'economic, political deception' to deceive the British electorate. Quantitative Easing pumps money directly into the financial system inflating shares in the stock market; it doesn't reach the 'real' economy - it doesn't reach 'your' pocket !

The majority of wealthy people work in the financial system and benefit through bonuses, stock options etc !

Let's expose the hidden agenda & deception - capitalism created this economic crisis !!

* Poverty, homelessness, unemployment & hunger - what is to done?

* The Eradication of capitalism.
* A government for the people by the people with an alternative, economic & political strategy.

People are homeless, with no jobs, no hope & no money to feed the kids.

We can't continue to survive on 'foodbanks' & working for 'dole' money - that is not a way to govern a country & to protect it's people.

Capitalism is chronically failing millions of people everyday, while the 1% in society are doing very well out of this recession/ depression - millions are looking at suicide for an escape to the misery of chronic poverty, unable to eat, no home to live, no job & yet governments promise the masses 'trickle down economics' will solve the problem.

We need jobs, we demand quality in life, we demand the ability to live in dignity, we are not animals, we are not vermin - we're human beings.

A government is suppose to provide a standard of living, protection & opportunity to provide for their kids - an adequate welfare state to protect when required.

Criminality at work, David Cameron & the Conservatives along with Liberal Democrats are systematically destroying our 'welfare state'.

Respect For the Unemployed & Benefit Claimants rejects capitalism, we need & we require a planned economy - we strive for socialism..

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