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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Three NATIONAL & 60 local UK demonstrations - anti 'Bedroom Tax' on 30th March

Three NATIONAL demonstrations & rallies will be taking place 30th March & a further  60 local co-ordinated responses to a vicious act of ruling-class politics will take place in towns and cities throughout Britain to draw attention to the injustice of the Bedroom Tax #BedroomTax protests !

Anti 'Bedroom Tax' Protest in Glasgow, London, Edinburgh & Cardiff

On 30th March, people opposed to the #BedroomTax will be gathering in city centres around Britain in more than 60 locations to protest against the bedroom Tax - click on the link to find your local demo:
Department for Work and Pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith
would have us all believe that families with children are denied council accommodation because smaller families are selfishly occupying houses and flats too big for their needs.

The UK government estimate of 660,000 households will be facing the realities of  the 'pay up or get out' home ultimatum - in our opinion is a vast underestimate of the real total, which look set to be over 900,000. Most of the 900,000 families concerned, 30 per cent of whom are in low-paid jobs qualifying them for welfare benefits, will not choose to move from workplaces or from neighbourhoods in which they have settled and where their children attend school.

Tenants will try to absorb the benefit cut by reducing expenditure on other necessities or will fall into rent arrears, opening the way to eviction. Those who do decide to move out will find that there are few if any council properties to meet their assessed needs, forcing them into the arms of the more expensive private rented sector.

This Saturday 'Make some NOISE !! ... The UK government has the 'bare face' cheek to demand that 'we' the people be penalised under the 'Bedroom Tax' - this is OUR opportunity to tell them 'what we think' of their bedroom tax ! We need jobs, we demand quality in life, we demand the ability to live in dignity, we are not animals, we are not vermin - we're human beings....

A government is suppose to provide a standard of living, protection & opportunity to provide for our kids - an adequate welfare state to protect when required.

David Cameron you are ..... on notice - you will be evicted by the British people - you are occupying 10 Downing Street without the true consent of the people !! Criminality at work ..... David Cameron & the Conservatives along with Liberal Democrats are systematically destroying our 'welfare state'.

'Respect For the Unemployed & Benefit Claimants' rejects this vindictive tax on the most vunerable members in our society - the bedroom tax will 'hit' those IN WORK & pensioners, the unemployed, the disabled - the bedroom tax should concern EVERYONE in society.

For those wishing to buy the badges & in a position to afford them 'Can't Pay, Won't Leave' badges - 5 badges in a pack £ 5.10 - please clink on the link:  The 'Can't pay, Won't pay' campaign in the early 90s was highly successful in fighting regressive politics. The badge is made so we can remember those successes.

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