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Sunday, 10 March 2013

UK Bedroom Tax 'Demonstrations & Rallies'

At 1 pm on 16 March, people opposed to the #BedroomTax will be gathering in city centres in more than 50 locations throughout the UK to protest against the bedroom Tax

For details of protest taking place on the 16th March click here:

Two NATIONAL rallies are taking place on 30th March in Glasgow & London Anti Bedroom Tax Protest in Scotland

The UK government has the 'bare face' cheek to demand that 'we' the people be penalised under the 'Bedroom Tax' - this is OUR opportunity to tell them 'what we think' of their bedroom tax !We need jobs, we demand quality in life, we demand the ability to live in dignity, we are not animals, we are not vermin - we're human beings.

A government is suppose to provide a standard of living, protection & opportunity to provide for their kids - an adequate welfare state to protect when required.

David Cameron you are ..... on notice - you will be evicted by the British people - you are occupying 10 Downing Street without the true consent of the people !! Criminality at work ..... David Cameron & the Conservatives along with Liberal Democrats are systematically destroying our 'welfare state'.

'Respect For the Unemployed & Benefit Claimants' rejects this vindictive tax on the most vunerable members in our society - the bedroom tax will 'hit' those IN WORK & pensioners, the unemployed, the disabled - the bedroom tax should concern EVERYONE in society.

MORE information regarding campaigns : National Bedroom Tax Campaign Day of Action 16/03/13 BEDROOM TAX Labour Against the Bedroom Tax Bin the Bedroom Tax Dundee Manchester Bedroom Tax Protest

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Dani said...

Please note that the Green Benches blog has a broken link for the Brighton demo. The correct link is and there is more info at