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Friday, 5 April 2013

Asda's exploitation of benefit claimants - a trade union issue !

Asda Walmart - continues exploitation of British benefit claimants !

Our campaign will not end until you end your abuse of benefit claimants 'forced' to work for free.

These programmes mean unemployed people are compelled to work for their benefits - or their benefit is cut. These schemes punish the unemployed, attack all workers' wages and conditions and actually cause more unemployment, due to the replacement of paid workers by unpaid labour.

VIDEO: Black Friday solidarity action with Wal Mart workers from the USA with British campaigners at  ASDA supermarket in Longsight, Manchester, England.

** This is already happening to
the unemployed in America, 'free' slave labour for ultra cheap, they get a measly $200-$400 a month that works out at £132.74 - £265.56 in summing up Walmart get 20-30 hours a week they don't need to pay for, and people say we're not SLAVES! **

Benefit claimants forced to work Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve - Asda wanted to avoid huge wage bill by sending home paid staff!

If an unemployed worker is placed onto mandated unpaid work on threat of losing even the tiny income of £53/week benefits, they are in a position where they can easily be exploited.

Workfare workers were forced to work Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve while paid workers were sent home: 
A store with between 10 and 15 benefit claimants on DWP work experience noticed that not long after they started 'their unpaid work; - 'paid staff' were being sent home early while unpaid workers remained.

Trade union members & paid workers at ASDA & other work places will see their working hours reduced, their pay reduced & their jobs undermined - workfare is an issue for both those in work & those out of work. United together we must defend those who face exploitation !


Welfare changes this April saw local authorities take over the running of Emergency Welfare Loans and Grants, formally know as the Social Fund Budgeting Loans & Grants, which are meant to help people deal with crises such as leaking roofs, broken boilers and lack of food.

The Department for Work and Pensions said it would no longer administer social fund payments centrally, Birmingham City Council said that, unlike other councils, it had decided not to give out small one-off cash grants and loans from its newly devolved £6.1m fund.

Instead repayable loans would be placed exclusively on 'Asda pre-payment' debit cards.  

Labour Party controlled authority said the cards – which
Asda said were similar to their gift cards – would restrict spending to a list of predetermined goods, which would exclude tobacco, alcohol, phone-related expenditure and fuel.
Birmingham City Council, which represents around 1 million people, said that from 1 April Monday it would give out 'Crisis Loan' payments in the form of prepaid cards that could be redeemed ONLY in Asda supermarkets.

A 'Crisis Loan' from the social fund has to be paid back by benefit claimants, but you can only spend the money in ASDA !

Boycott ASDABoycott WORKFARE - defend those who face exploitation !

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