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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Margaret Thatcher & Her Legacy !

Important Message regarding the funeral next Wednesday of Margaret Thatcher & demonstrations that are planned against it !

Respect For the Unemployed & Benefit Claimants urges group members to 'not attend' & save your energy for the real 'fight' against the ideas of David Cameron.

The fight against those ideas of Thatcherism continues within today's Conservatives.

Therefore we will not be in London on the day of the funeral. We will not participate in 'violence or disorderly protests' on that day. We will however be having an on-line tribute in memory of the victims of Thatcherism.

We will decide the time & place, not Thatcher, not
Cameron & not the Conservatives - this government is trying to provoke us into a response, to futher demonise & ridicule. Our time will come & let them run in fear - we will save our energies & fight united with trade unions in battle at the right time.

United we stand, divided we fall

A £10 million pound funeral planned for Margaret Thatcher - Please sign the on-line petition.!

We say NO WAY  !!

                                                 The Battle for Orgreave

This is what Thatcher and Thatcherism did to our people.

Our on-line tribute will be for:
* The Unemployed thrown onto dole
* The Miners
* The Shipbuilders
* The Steelworkers
* The Old that Froze to Death
* The Old that Couldn't Afford Food
* The Thousands Made Homeless because of the 'Poll Tax       .
* The North
* The Disenfranchised­ Black Youth
* The Lost Generation of Young
* The Hillsborough families
* The men dead in a conflict designed to win her an election
* The men traumatised from the Falklands War
* Northern Ireland

* OUR my mam and dads
* OUR Grandparents
* OUR brother & sisters
* Every LGBT kid who committed suicide due to Section 28 in schools
* The teachers
* The victims of gaybashing which were never investigated due to pressure from her government
* The gay men stitched up and banged up for being gay

* The women of Greenham Common who were beaten and had their kids forcibly taken into care for no reason!
* The men and women assaulted in the Battle of the Beanfield!
* The men and women consigned to the scrapheap
* The services that used to belong to all of us and now PRIVATISED & are badly run in the hands of the rich
* The country that used to stand for social justice and created The National Health Service
* The mentally ill thrown out on the streets
* The children abused in care homes and ignored or worse abused by some in her government

On the day of her funeral - We remember the real victims of Thatcherism & conservatism.

It's not wrong to 'speak ill' of the dead if they did wrong & did ill deeds to others in life. It is right that we work to combat the legacy they created going forward - to progress we must remember & understand that past - NOT forgive & forget.

This does not make us negative or ignorant -it means we learn from history & apply those lessons in the present & future !!

                                                                  Tony Benn - The Issue is Thatcher!
A £10 million pound funeral planned for Margaret Thatcher - Please sign the on-line petition. - We say NO WAY  

Glenda Jackson MP - House of Commons 're-called parliament' debate on Thatcher - April 10th.

TUC President Ken Gill talks about Margaret Thatcher and her impact on Britain's economic and political sovereignty national industries for profitTUC President Ken Gill talks gave his address to the TUC Congress in 1986.


Respect For the Unemployed & Benefit Claimants

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