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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Parliamentary 'representative democracy' - who do they represent ?

This week has seen the biggest assault on the 'Welfare State' since it's creation, causing unimaginable hardship for the British People - meanwhile the Conservatives & their MPs want a £31,000 pay rise !

the House of Commons  voted to ignore a High Court ruling on 'Workfare'!

Hundreds thousand benefit claimants we're robbed that day, as the Conservatives with the help of the Liberal Democrats introduced a 'Retroactive Law'

That retroactively change the law to undo a court judgement against the government. With the exception of only 57 MPs who voted against it, both the Government and the Opposition supported a bill which denied justice to 300,000 benefit claimants.
They rushed through a retroactive law to rob £130 million from the most vulnerable in our society who were due repayments of unlawful benefit sanctions.

Join Anonymous & 'Respect For the Unemployed & Benefit Claimants' &  as we 'March To Parliament' (Jarrow Crusade Anon Version)  This event will see Anonymous march to parliament as did the 200 men in 1936.  
British MP's in real terms 'stole benefits payment' from the people, ignored the will of the people & ignore the High Court, meanwhile those same MP's moan about having to struggle to make ends meet on £65,738 a year. The so-called Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) says 70% of MPs claim they deserve a +32% pay rise, potentially lifting salaries to £86,250.

Contemptuously a further 20% of MPs thought remuneration of at least £95,000 a year was deserving. Tory MP's think annual salaries should come closer to £96,740; Liberal Democrats thought the right salary was £78,361, while Labour members of the House of Commons  believe £77,322, is fair !

MP's on the Select Committee & those who 'chair' those committee, receive extra payments of up to £14,582. There are also other 'benefits' MP's have including childcare vouchers and greatly subsidised meals & a public bar. On average, across all parties, MPs want a 32% pay rise to £86,250.

In contrast benefit claimants are struggling to buy food, pay bills or 'even get the benefit payments'.  We are forced to work for free under 'Workfare' or risk benefit suspension for up-to 3 years.

In our opinion
the real 'benefit scroungers' sit in the House of Commons a product of a 'Benefit Culture' within the upper elite in Britain.

Our question is this .....  who does 'Representative Democracy' represent ?

Respect For the Unemployed & Benefit Claimants
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