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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Government bullies send in Nazi style 'boot boys' persecute benefit claimants !

Government bullies send in Nazi style 'boot boys' persecute benefit claimants !

The Conservatives & Liberal Democrats in government have set up a "hit squad" to persecute jobless people who do not comply with its "back to work" scheme.

Employment Minister Mark Hoban boasted that the "intensive and uncompromising" £30 million plan would "step up pressure" on benefit claimants.

The "hit squad" will comprise specialist advisers based in Job centre plus.

Jobless people who have spent two years on the Con-Dems' work programme will be targeted by the squad if they then fail "within days" to go into training or undertake mandatory work.

People with drug or alcohol problems will receive so-called 'special attention' including 'counselling'.

Hoban claimed that the Work Programme "is getting some of the hardest to help claimants into work despite a tough economic climate."
But he said that the government would have to apply extra "pressure" onto benefit claimants, who will be forced to attend the job centre more frequently, with rigorous monitoring to ensure they are doing everything they can to find work.

The Department for Work and Pensions have made it known that the "intensive support" will last for six months.

The Work Programme, launched two years ago, has come under fire over its performance in recent weeks - the Parliament's work and pensions committee reported that the scheme is failing the most disadvantaged jobseekers.

Meanwhile: The Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith has been caught lying 'yet again' about the government's vicious welfare policies this week - this time by the official statistics watchdog. Smith's department claimed in April that the number of people set to be hit by his cap on benefits had fallen from 56,000 to 40,000, with 8,000 of those people finding work through job centres.
When government ministers make up evidence to justify their policies to persecute benefit claimants, it's an indication of their desperation and their unsuitability for office. Whether being caught out three times by the UK Statistics Authority for the same offence makes Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith a serial offender is up for debate. But it also shows that no-one should invest trust in his analysis of data without seeking a second or third opinion.
The temptation to draw false conclusions is strong because he had a vested interest in making people believe that bringing in a £26,000-a-year benefit cap had spurred 8,000 people to stop claiming and get a job. Duncan Smith's problem is that it wasn't true, but unemployed people claiming benefits have a bigger problem of his making. His assertion chimes with government propaganda that there are plenty of jobs available and that too many people opt to live on benefits as a "lifestyle choice."

This self-serving lie absolves the conservative coalition government of responsibility for the level of unemployment and transfers the onus onto the jobless themselves, feeding an image of feckless families refusing to work rather than portraying the reality of a capitalist system that cannot provide the number of jobs necessary.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am Throughly Angry with the
Victimisation of the Unemployed
and Benefit Claimants

It is Straight Out of Nazism

It is MPS on the Expenses
Gravy Train who are Real Scroungers

Angry how Sheople can Believe
Tabloid Propaganda about
" Benefit Scroungers "

Redistribution of Wealth from
Rich to Poor is Needed