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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Peoples Assembly - provides hope, a unified voice for the 99%

At the People’s Assembly, the General Secretary of the TUC, Frances O’Grady declared that the Government was waging “class war”. The General Secretary of Britain’s largest trade union, Len McCluskey again called for coordinated and increasingly general strike action and civil disobedience. Unite the Union declared that it must be our aim to “make the country ungovernable” and to bring down the Tory led ConDem coalition.

The People's Assembly brought together the unemployed, unions, politicians and campaign groups amid complaints that minsters were "deaf" to the concerns of ordinary people.

Respect For the Unemployed & Benefit Claimants warned:
"People's Assembly is the first step towards a broad-based movement that joins communities and established organised forces around a new economic programme to put ordinary people, not the forces of capital, in the driving seat. Civil disobedience, direct action, protest, and coordinated mass strike action - all will be part of tha arsenal".

The energy and enthusiasm of the 22 June People's Assembly is being rolled out across the country. Already over 30 local People's Assemblies have been set up within the first two weeks and more are being organised. 

See the list of local groups here. Big activist meetings have already taken place and started planning for rallies, co-ordinated local action, mobilising for the demonstration at the Tory Party conference (29 Sep) and the day of civil disobedience (5 Nov).

The Cardiff activist meeting reports that over 50 people started to plan how to get people to the demonstration in Manchester as well as setting up People's Assemblies across Wales. In East London over 70 people attended the meeting and are planning a big event in the run up to the demo. Norwich are planning their first People's Assembly rally in the town centre for mid September. Over 150 people attended a People's Assembly rally in Broadstairs, Kent last week.

A list of local events can be found here. If you are planning an event please send it through to so we can advertise it on the website.

Following the commitments made on the 22 June we have drawn up some general guidelines for setting up local groups: click here to view. Get in touch with us if you are thinking / planning of setting up a group in your area and we will support you in every way possible. 

We have already started mobilising for the national demonstration on the 29 September in Manchester outside the Tory Party conference. A flyer will be available shortly and local transport information will be on our website soon. Planning for the day of action of 5 November is also under way. More information will be available soon. We are planning a national Action Tour starting in the last week of August and finishing the second week of September. During this time local People's Assemblies will be holding big mobilising events in the run up to the demonstration.

The People's Assembly - Durham Public Meeting with Owen Jones Friday 12th JULY 5.30pm Miners' Hall, Redhills, Durham - on the eve of the Durham Miners Gala.

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"Our message is different - make the tax avoiders pay, make the wealthiest put their hands in their pockets to bail us out of the crisis they have caused. If the government spent one tenth of the resources that they do hunting down so-called "welfare fraud" in tackling tax avoidance, in tackling tax dodging then the budget deficit would start to melt away."

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