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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Who are the parasites in society ?

ProfessorJason Reed Quote: On Parasites and The 1% - became an Internet meme

Professor Read has delivered lectures and written an essay about Occupy Wall St. movement. The source of this particular quote may come as a surprise: from a Facebook status update.

In Britain how hatred towards claimants is circulated - Atos Origin calls disabled 'parasites'

A quotation by the trade unionist and Labour politician, Ernest Bevin, in Francis Williams’ biography of the great man:

Unemployment is not accidental. it is deliberate on the part of the capitalistic system. The one weapon in the hands of the capitalist is starvation, not his brains, ability or managerial capacity, but his ability to hold or withhold the means to life to break you when your children cry for bread. (p. 91).

This is all too true in today's UK - thousands struggle to survive on FoodBank handouts - David Cameron & 10 Downing Street are deliberately enslaving the people in a George Orwell 1984 style of starvation, enslavement & control.

The Libertarians of the Chicago School recommended that there should be a constant unemployment rate of 6 per cent in order to prevent wages rising. And Margaret Thatcher’s administration deliberately destroyed British heavy industries, such as mining and steel, in order to break the unions.

Who are the parasites in society ?

Currently 75% of 'Government Cabinet Ministers' - within parliament are Millionaires. Those that sit in the House of Commons & the House of Lords are Members of Parliament - TOTAL - members 1462 (650 MPs + 812 sit in the House of Lords).

We believe parliament should represent the majority not the minority !! But the reality is - We are governed by MILLIONAIRES.

The majority in Britain are struggling in poverty, unable to pay bills, buy quality food items. Meanwhile the House of Commons & the House of Lords enjoy privilege beyond imagination.

These Lords & MP's hold many assets - (many hidden from public view), including savings & (second income wages). There are Lords & MP's who gain extra payments from industrial lobbyist.

Benefit Claimants are quite rightly 'angry' at those who sit in an 'undemocratic & an unelected House of Lords. Those MP's & those who sit in the Lords firmly believe it's OK to hold two jobs & enjoy a subsidised restaurant & bar.

In contrast benefit claimants are struggling to buy food, pay bills & face benefit sanctions.

We hear Boris Johnson in an online video talk about his second job, writing articles once a week on a Sunday for a staggering £250,000 a year - he calls this amount 'Chickenfeed'

In recent years 
we have witnessed the parliamentary expenses scandal in the House of Commons & it seems acceptable to Fiddle expenses if you sit in the House of Lords.

Our conclusion ...... contemptuous !!!
Ask this question - who are the parasites in society ?

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