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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Queen's Speech, David Cameron & the Peter Principle

Arrival of the Queen's new state coach

Today will be the last Queen's Speech before the General Election in 2015. She will be arriving in the grandiose new coach for the state opening of parliament.

David Cameron the deceptive prime minister has failed to deliver on previous promises to the electorate. His legacy is political failure - a classic example of the Peter Principle

The Peter Principle has applications outside of the business world. If ever there was a perfect example of the Peter Principle, it would be in David Cameron's government. The ConDem government has certainly promoted itself to its level of incompetence.

Take for example the 2010 Welfare Reform bill  - Cameron said he would improve work incentives, but the Universal Credit programme – another failing flagship scheme - has so far seen £40 million of taxpayers’ money written off. In 2012 David Cameron said "we are reforming welfare so that it pays to have a job” - he said something similar in 2013 - but the National Minimum Wage has fallen in real terms under the Tories and there are now over five million people paid less than the Living Wage.

In addition, there has been a staggering 60 per cent increase in working people claiming housing benefit compared with 2010. That’s 400,000 more working people claiming housing benefit every year, costing the taxpayer an estimated extra £4.8bn in housing benefit over the course of this Parliament. The government’s failure to tackle the cost-of-living crisis and build new homes means work doesn't pay for the majority.

In the 2010 Queen’s Speech debate, David Cameron said: "We will get to grips with the unacceptable bonus culture”. In reality, bonuses at the big banks are far higher this year than last: up 10 per cent at Barclays to £2.4bn, up eight per cent at Lloyds to £395m and up six per cent at HSBC to £2.3bn. RBS also announced a bonus pool of £588m this year.

In 2012 David Cameron promised to “make sure that financial services truly serve the economy—not the other way around.” But today Britain has one of the most concentrated banking systems in the world with just four banks controlling 85 per cent of small business lending, which actually fell by £2.3 billion last year. David Cameron has failed to reform the banking sector.

In 2013 Cameron said his Government had "a solid record of being on the side of those who work hard and want to get on”. Tell that to the working people have seen their wages fall by £1,600 since 2010, whilst the top one per cent of earners were given a £3 billion tax break.

David Cameron will be remembered as the deceptive prime minister, he has deceived the electorate. His legacy is political failure - a classic example of the Peter Principle

Oxfam explains A Tale of Two Britains: Inequality in the UK
While austerity measures in Britain continue to hit the poorest families hardest, a wealthy elite has seen their incomes spiral upwards, exacerbating income inequality which has grown under successive governments over the last quarter of a century.

Conclusion: Don't expect much for us ordinary folk in this Queen's Speech !!

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