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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Report estimates 1.8 million Canadians visited FoodBanks

Report estimates 1.8 million Canadians visited FoodBanks & 841,191 in March alone

That represents a 24.5% increase since the recession seven years ago. Food bank use is now greater than it was 10 years ago in the years preceding the recession.

Canada's unemployment rate is still at an alarmingly high level but improved recently. Food Banks Canada states the massive increase in foodbank use, in part, to how "many Canadians are stuck in part-time, temporary, low-paying jobs."

Stephen Harper
Canadian prime minster & leader of the Conservative Party of Canada - Parti conservateur du Canada economic miracle continues....

Nearly 12% of Canadians who used a food bank in March had a job. In Alberta alone, 21.9% of food bank users have a job.

Nearly 24% of food bank users in March (about 200,000 users) were from single-parent families and 21.6% (about 180,000 users) were from two-parent families.

Shockingly more than one-third (over 300,000 food bank users) in March 2014 were children.

On a regional level, the increase in food bank usage on the Canadian Prairies is alarming: Food Banks Alberta use has exploded by 48.2% since 2008, Saskatchewan by 51.1% and Manitoba by 52.5%.

While the Prairies may be thought of as a booming region of economic activity in recent years, the boom has seen an increase costs of living, particularly in Alberta where housing costs are soaring.

In Nova Scotia food bank use has increase 16.3% and skyrocketed to 24.7% in British Columbia. Up North, the territories saw food bank use increase by 247%.

The territories experience extremely high levels of food insecurity, ranging from 17% of households in Yukon, to 45% of households in Nunavut. In fact, the territories have the highest rates of adults and children who "go completely without food or a meal, for a day or more."


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