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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Why you should vote - On May 5th

As we prepare for the Local Elections tomorrow May 5th remember the price of conservative governance - The first Comprehensive Study‬ into destitution‬ in the UK has revealed that 1.25 million people, including over 300,000 children‬, are destitute, the independent Joseph Rowntree Foundation has announced. Destitution is the most severe form of poverty in the UK and means someone can’t afford the basic essentials they need to eat, keep clean and stay warm and dry.

The total number of destitute people in the UK, including UK citizens, is not currently measured by 10 Downing Street. The report was commissioned by JRF in response to perceptions that extreme poverty had risen in recent years. It has been conducted by experts at Heriot-Watt University with advice from a wide range of experts and service providers across the UK, and has taken two years to complete.

The definition of destitution used in this study was developed with experts and tested with the general public (the only current official definition of destitution is in asylum‬ legislation). They defined destitution as when someone lacked two or more basic essentials in one month. This means that, over this month, people have: Slept Rough‬, had one or no meals a day for two or more days, been unable to heat or to light their home for five or more days, gone without weather-appropriate clothes or gone without basic toiletries‬.

In total, researchers found that:
* 1,252,000 people, including 312,000 #children, were destitute at some point in 2015
* 4/5 were born in the UK
* Around a third had a complex need
* Young, single people, particularly men, are more likely to be destitute, but there are considerable numbers of families living in destitution There is no single cause, but most people had been living in poverty for a considerable period of time before tipping into #destitution. The most common causes are:
* the extra costs of ill health and disability‬
* the high costs of housing‬ and other essential bills
* unemployment‬
* a financial‬ shock like a Benefit Sanction‬ or delay

JRF is calling on the Office for National Statistics to begin officially tracking the number of destitute people in the UK. Government, businesses, communities and individuals need to work together to provide better support for people in crisis, as well as reducing the costs of housing and basic essentials as well as creating better jobs‬ that pay sufficiently.
More than 1.25 million are destitute‬ .... more than 300,000 are children‬: reference :

David Cameron told us all "We’re All in This Together" the reality in Britain - We have a Foodbank‬ that is proving to be a vital lifeline‬ for a Dundee man facing a three-year Benefit Sanction‬ .... he is still serving his sentence imposed by his jobcentre to this day !!

The Trussell Trust identified a man known as Paul, who has been receiving packages from the group, as someone who had worked hard his entire life. Paul was dealt the three-year sanction after failing to adhere to the benefit requirements put in place after so-called Welfare Reforms‬.

He became unstuck after losing his job at the Hilton hotel when it was demolished to make way for the V&A. Paul was sanctioned‬ in the first instance after Jobcentre Plus advisor felt he had not completed his log book correctly.

His second sanction was handed out to him as a result of being 10 minutes late to a meeting at the job centre, something he said was the result of a bus delay. The third and final sanction, that resulted in the three-year cap on his benefits, came about after Paul was made to wait for an hour in the job centre to meet an advisor. He complained about this delay, which staff at the centre felt was aggressive, and his unemployment‬ benefits were capped until 2018.

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When James O'Brien On Lbc was speaking about foodbanks‬, Mike called LBC to say that he was living on just a tin of spaghetti‬ a day since being made redundant‬. He was struggling with unemployment daily and became emotional on the phone and broke down in tears.

The Tories stole the 2015 general election & the police / Crown Prosecution Service are investigating - tomorrow May 5th give the Conservatives a BLOODY nose in the local elections & Vote LABOUR. 

The Electoral Commission UK
have written to Crown Prosecution Service on the Conservatives Election‬ Spending issue surrounding the Election Fraud 2015‬. If the 15-26 Conservative Party MP's being investigated by EC/CPS for breach of this law are guilty, they can be barred for 3 years under the Representation of the Peoples Act 1983.

Former Conservative party Co-Chairman Grant Shapps came unstuck on live television on Wednesday while being questioned about the Conservative party’s election expenses scandal.

While the mainstream media has largely ignored one of the biggest election scandals Britain has ever seen in favour of salivating over Labour party infighting, social media is in meltdown over the Conservative election expenses scandal. Dozens of Tory MPs face accusations that they illegally overspent in the 2015 general election campaign by failing to declare costs associated with the Conservative campaign “battle buses”. The MPs and their agents could face a year in jail and/or an unlimited fine, as well as a three-year ban on holding elective office – potentially triggering by-elections across the country and losing the Conservatives their majority in parliament.

– Tweet BBC journalists to ask for more coverage of the scandal using the #Toryelectionfraud hashtag.

– If you live in one of at least 24 seats where Tory candidates may have been helped to victory without correctly claiming their expenses, please consider contacting your local police force to make a complaint about your candidate’s spending declaration – and to remind the police that they can apply to the courts for an extension to investigate the allegations.

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VOTE IN the Local Election‬ Stand up & send the Conservatives a message on Thursday. Respect For the Unemployed & Benefit Claimants ask you to lend your vote to the Labour Party on May the 5th

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