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Sunday, 26 June 2016

We have full confidence in Corbyn - sign ON-LINE petition - #BackCorbyn Protest at Parliament

We have full confidence in Corbyn

Labour Party members and supporters, appeal to all members of the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) to REJECT the motion of no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn tabled by Margaret Hodge and Ann Coffey.

The country now faces critical questions about the future of our economy and society.  We believe that a leadership contest at such a time would be self Indulgent and a waste of our party resources. It would also let the Tories off the hook at a time when they are bitterly split.

Over 181,120 people so far have signed an ON-LINE petition here >> in 'A VOTE OF CONFIDENCE IN JEREMY CORBYN AFTER BREXIT' 

This is a time for Labour to be united.

Britain’s vote to leave the EU and David Cameron’s resignation has caused a Tory leadership crisis. At this critical moment in our country’s history, the Tories look like they are extending their period of infighting and backbiting. With a government in crisis, Labour must unite as a source of national stability. The Party must focus on speaking up for jobs and workers' rights, counter the scapegoating of migrants and challenge any attempt to use the referendum result to introduce an even more right-wing Tory government by the back door.

Some in the Party wish to use the confusion caused by Brexit to manufacture a leadership contest. This division is the last thing we need. We call for unity and the Labour Party to offer a programme of hope for our people.

If Labour MPs move to oust Corbyn now, they would be showing contempt for the colossal democratic mandate he received from party members and supporters less than 12 months ago. 

We call on all Labour MPs to reject the motion and unite behind the Leadership.

Sign this 'Momentum' petition here:

We would also encourage all supporters who are able to attend to join the #BackCorbyn Protest at Parliament at 6pm tomorrow, Monday 27, to coincide with the meeting of the PLP.

Those backing Jeremy Corbyn listed below - to add your support contact / email Graham Bash - Editorial Board, Labour Briefing

Michael Calderbank -  LRC EC and Secretary, Brent Central CLP
Jackie Walker - Vice-Chair, Momentum
Seema Chandwani - Secretary, Tottenham CLP
Norrette Moore - Membership Secretary, LRC
Mike Phipps - Brent Central CLP
Chris Ford - Walthamstow Central CLP
Walter Wolfgang, Labour CND
Keith Dunn - Tottenham CLP
Ruth Conlock - Manchester Worthington CLP
Emily Jones - Gorton Manchester CLP
Dafydd Taylor - Haltemprice & Howden CLP
Claire Jones - Sefton Central CLP
Laura Graham, Regional Officer, Bakers Food & Allied Workers Union
Dave Hodge - Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Jon Rogers, Brighton Pavilion CLP and UNISON NEC
Ella Downing - Brent Central CLP
Derek Lovell - Brighton &Hove CLP
Nick Rogers -Tottenham CLP.
Pam Wortley - Sunderland central CLP
Tahir Mirz - Newham CLP
Cllr John Wiseman - Chair St Helens South and Whiston CLP
James McAsh - London Regional Board
Ian Hodson - National President - Bakers’, Food & Allied Workers Union
Laura Lloyd - Wallasey CLP
James Rogerson - Labour International
Suzanne Gannon - Colne Valley CLP
Carol Wilcox - Secretary Christchurch CLP
Pete Firmin - TULO, Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
Cllr Gary Heather - Islington
Councillor Keir Morrison - Sherwood CLP, UCATT
Jane Aitchison -  Keighley CLP
Chris Knight - Streatham CLP
Philip Lewis - Camden UNISON
Daniel Stone -Tottenham CLP
Prof Christian Fuchs - Hornsey-Wood Green
Lesley-Anne Ure - Communication Workers Union & GMB
Rhys Horton - CLP - Carmarthen East and Dinefwr
Charley Allan - Hornsey & Wood Green EC member
Dr Alan Roe - Colne Valley CLP
Alex Nunns - Hertford and Stortford CLP
Ian Pope -  Rochford & Southend East CLP
Dorothy Macedo - Finchley & Golders Green CLP
Janet Shapiro - Hornsey & Wood Green CLP
Stuart Fewtrell - Telford CLP
David Brennan - Wirral West CLP
Cllr Geoff Lumley - Isle of Wight CLP
Mary Taylor - Eltham CLP
Elaine Smith MSP
Ian Ilett - Suffolk Coastal CLP
Peter Morton - Rochester and Strood CLP/UNISON
John Holmes - CWU (retired)
Peter Chowney - Leader, Hastings Council
Adeel Aurangzeb - Tottenham CLP
Howard Tribe - Ealing CLP
Michael Reddington - Stroud CLP
Rev Steven Saxby - Walthamstow CLP
Cllr Eileen Rowbotham - Chair, Kent County Council Labour Group
Janet Cashman - Wallasey CLP
Dave Smith - Sheffield Healy CLP/UNITE
Cllr Stephen Thomas - Hartlepool CLP
Lance Jackson - Dudley North CLP
Vincent Wackett - EC. Epping Forest CLP
Sally Cook - Wolverhampton West CLP
Cllr Paul Gowen - Lincoln Council
Sean Fox - Mitcham and Morden CLP
Kate Jensen - Barking CLP
Arthur Jordan - Dundee West CLP
Steve McKenzie - Erith and Thamesmead CLP
Cllr Jumbo Chan - Brent Council
Tom Gillen - Walthamstow CLP
Robin Symonds - Rotherham CLP
Maria Ihnatowicz - Bermondsey and Old Southwark CLP
Gilaine Young - Sheffield Central CLP
Daniel Harris - Wolverhampton CLP
Melissa Bassil - Buckingham CLP
John Bassil - Musicians Union
Martin John - Sheffield Central CLP
Ken Webb - Cardiff South Penarth CLP
Kim Wood - Sussex LRC
Kenny Fryde - Cambridge CLP
Ian Malcolm-Walker - LRC EC & Bournemouth West CLP
Mike Kennard - Treasurer, Chatham & Aylesford CLP
Lisa-Marie Derbyshire - North East Derbyshire CLP
Maggie Kelly - York Central CLP
John Mooney - Grimsby CLP
Kira Davison - Cambridge CLP
Rosemary Hedges - Calder Valley CLP
Joanne Panitzke-Jones - Totnes CLP
Violett Cleghorn - Cotswold CLP
Liz Lindsay - Brent Central CLP
Helen Underhay - UNITE
Anne Barry - Brighton Kempton CLP
Amber Webster - North Norfolk CLP
Geraldine Moore - Corby CLP
Dave Garry - Wirral CLP
Noel Hayes - Chingford and Woodford Green CLP
Nick Hostettler - Streatham CLP
Neil Martin - Rayleigh and Wickford CLP
Bob Simm - Wolverhampton South West CLP
Marti Delon - Adur and East Worthing CLP
Andrew Scarborough - Leader, Labour Group, Welling Borough Council
Ian Townson - Battersea CLP/UNITE
Jill Dixon - Sunderland South CLP
Will Haughan - Sunderland South CLP
Ian Saville - Brent Central CLP
John Beresford - West Leeds CLP
Christine Rogers - Hastings CLP
Caitlinn Eckhardt - York Central CLP
Phillip Kibler - North Norfolk CLP
Helen Brown - Hazel Grove CLP
Sobay Berriman - Falmouth CLP
Karen Broady - Manchester Gorton CLP
Andrew Hardman - Bolsover CLP
Carol Lacey - North East Derbyshire CLP
Daina Gregory - Herne Bay CLP
Caroline Collins - RAFT foundation
Bisi Williams - Islington North CLP
Lucy Burke - Bury South CLP
Sheila Shepherd - Milton Keynes CLP
Hannah Minns - Milton Keynes CLP
Neil Williams - Milton Keynes CLP
Terry Day - Walthamstow CLP
Peter Drake - Orkney Islands CLP
Coilla Drake - Orkney Islands CLP
Natalie Curtis - Cardiff CLP
Sally Parrott - Guilford CLP
Hannah Thompson - Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Sue Millard - Cumbria Labour Party
Peter Robbins - Cheshire Labour Party
Shani Kara - Tottenham CLP
Caz Walker - Penrith and the Borders CLP
Kate Jensen - Barking CLP
Dr Sally Jones - Leeds Labour Party
Matthew Caddis - Bradford Labour Party
James Hibbert - Rossendale and Darwen CLP
Gill Reagan - Stoke North CLP
Patrick Reagan - Stoke North CLP
Karen Heywood - Bridgewater and West Somerset CLP
Richard Conway - Charlton Labour Party
Alex Pym - Musicians Union
Christina Purcell - Chorlton Manchester Labour Party
Graham Abbott - Paignton CLP
Janice Taggart - Yardley CLP
Sue Lukes - Islington North CLP
Mark Rose - Worcester CLP
Diane Maguire - Harrogate and Knaresborough CLP
Iain Mooney - Barrow-in-Furness CLP
Colin Blundell - South Holland CLP
Anne Nichols - Westmorland and Lonsdale CLP

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