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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Bullying in Labour & the power struggle of Jeremy Corbyn

Today Jeremy Corbyn spoke about bullying. The reality is: Jeremy has faced a barrage of abuse & continued demonisation from fellow MP's and the right wing media.

Within the Parliamentary Labour Party there is systemic

People who indirectly express their negative emotions instead of addressing them directly are said to have passive aggressive behavior, according to the Mayo Clinic. People who are passive aggressive are often resentful and resist other’s demands.

What Does Passive Aggressive Behavior Look Like?

While many people are vaguely familiar with this condition, some may be wondering, “What is passive aggressive behavior?” There are many examples of passive aggressive behavior. They include a person having a hostile or sullen attitude, even when the people are him/her are happy and upbeat.

MP's who constantly complain about  Jeremy Corbyn leadership style are exhibiting passive aggressive behavior. Those same MP's who are passive aggressive may intentionally be hesitant to meet others demands from the leadership, or intentionally make mistakes when asked to do something. This is why 10 months on we face another leadership election!

Setting up the leader to fail is about class politics. Jeremy represent a new kind of politics, the Parliamentary Labour Party simply don't want that vision or debate. The Parliamentary Labour Party is acting in a very petulant manner. Jeremy Corbyn won the leadership election, but it's now obvious that 90% of the Parliamentary Labour Party took upon themselves to give Jeremy Corbyn the 'physiological silent treatment'.

Huffington Post also asserts that people who are passive aggressive will deny that they are hurt or angry. After the massive mandate from the membership the Parliamentary Labour Party felt hurt, angry and most importantly powerless.
However, the individual with passive aggression won’t admit that they are hurt, angry or offended.... they are simply in denial - The bully then pretends to be a victim of a bully !

Other passive aggressive behavior examples include the silent treatment, even if the other party is not aware of the reason for the treatment. People with passive aggression are often very sarcastic, even when sarcasm is not necessary and will obviously ruin the upbeat mood of a conversation. We have seen numerous examples from 100's television & radio interviews given by so-called honorable members in the venomous demonisation of Jeremy Corbyn.

Passive aggressiveness is a form of hostility, according to Huffington Post. This means that the behavior indicates a power struggle. Calling the behavior out with no apologies and setting boundaries is essential.

When passive aggressive MP's show their negative behavior to their leader, it’s often the option to provide direct consequences to the passive aggressive person, or to simply explain the options surrounding the deselecting of labour MP's if the behavior continues.

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