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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Owen Smith says abolish the DWP, but Jeremy had already decided to do so !

Owen Smith says abolish the DWP, but Jeremy Corbyn had already decided to do so! Smith says he would abolish the DWP and create a Ministry of Labour

He would turn Britain into a world-beating place for employment rights.
He says he would create a ministry of labour. And he would scrap the Department for Work and Pensions, which he says has become a “byword for insecurity and cruelty”, and replace it with a Department for Social Security.

The fact is he has “copied” & stolen policy ideas already announcement by shadow chancellor John McDonnell.

Everyone who has been campaigning & attacked by the vindictive policies of the Department for Work and Pensions knew both Jeremy Corbyn & John McDonnell in a future Labour Government would abolish the DWP.

John McDonnell’s call for the reinstatement of a Ministry of Labour, was made last month 30 June at the Institute of Employment Rights. Jeremy Corbyn announced in 2015 he would scrap the Department for Work and Pensions & create a Ministry of Labour. He also made calls for a ban on exclusive workforce recruitment from abroad, made during the referendum campaign.

The only person who did not speak up when needed was the Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Owen Smith himself. In fact he was extraordinarily silent on the issue before resigning - one could argue he was waiting for the killer blow on the current leader of the Labour Party before stealing his visionary ideas.

Owen Smith said today at Orgreave made famous for the battle during the Miners Strike that he grew up in South Wales during the miners' strike. "That's when I came alive politically".

He said "we’ve been a weak opposition, and worse than being a weak opposition, we haven’t laid out in anything like enough detail a credible prospectus for government." The simply fact of the matter is MP's within the Parliamentary Labour Party there exist a systemic culture that is at the root of a power struggle.

On a personal note as Chairman of Respect For the Unemployed & Benefit Claimants - the son of a Scottish miner who left school the same year as the miners strike in Thatchers Britain & joined my father on the picket line. I knew poverty & deprivation, having to eat out Hillards food dumps prior to Tesco skips to survive. Ever since I have a deep understanding of politics & community solidarity & collective responsibility. An Injury to One is an Injury to All runs through my veins & continues in ethos within the campaigning strategy of Respect for the Unemployed. We have known Jeremy for the last 25 years. We know him, trust him & know that he will help build a better a society thats respects its people (all the people). We the people need 'a Jeremy' in 10 Downing Street.

Power Corrupts And Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

Owen it's very easy to promise so much when seeking great power, we the unemployed, disabled & benefit claimants have witnessed first hand betrayal from both political parties for failed policies. You have been in parliament for six  years, in our opinion that is simply not long enough to lead a party based on promises with no track record. On the other hand Jeremy Corbyn Entered the House of Commons on 9 June 1983 before the Miners Strike - with a track record second to none. 

It was Jeremy that invited striking miners into the House of Commons gallery in 1985 who were expelled for shouting "Coal not Dole" of which as a teen I remember well.

  Ken Gill TUC President "there is no political independence without economic independence"

The miners just as todays unemployed became cannon fodder thrown into the gutter of unemployment as pits closed have never forgotten the betrayal by Margaret Thatcher, John Major & Tony Blair. They sought to demonise those miners for the deindustrialisation of Britain & mass unemployment. Many of those former miners became chronically ill due to working underground & then depression & isolation which still continues to this day, passed from one benefit to another but no Social Security. Many of those former miners & unemployed voted #brexit NOT because of immigration but because of anger & frustration of no political economic voice. Best articulated in the video above by Ken Gill TUC President in the 1980's

The miners knew & today's generation are all to aware that nationalisation of industries was not an option, hence unless they voted #brexit "there is no political independence without economic independence"

Owen ..... you have an important crucial role within the labour movement but being leader is not 'it'. Position yourself, work with Jeremy but respect his vision & mandate. All this talk of splits within the Parliamentary Labour Party is petulant. Those MP's must realise the people are watching & listening.

This is why Britain's Unemployed & Benefit Claimants will be supporting Jeremy Corbyn to be our next Prime Minister

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