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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Million March in Spain for Dignity & Respect #22M - Police Fire on Crowds

Over a Million Marched through Spain, culminating in Madrid demanding Dignity & Respect 22M; Government of Spain Answers with Riot Police & Violence.

The day began with tons of energy as the Dignity Marches prepared to take Madrid. But it didn’t take long to realize the Spanish government wasn’t going to make this easy, as reports started coming in of buses travelling to the marches being stopped, searched and the people inside identified by the Civil Guard on the outskirts of Madrid.

The 22M organisation put out a press release saying that around 100 buses were being detained in this manner, and that they wouldn’t take any responsibility for delays caused by this cheap tactic.

FULL report available > link here
Selection of pictures > link here

Col√≥n square started to fill up, but there were still many people who hadn’t even left Atocha yet! That was when people started calling it the Million March. A precise count is impossible, but estimates point to between one and two million people on the streets.

As the speeches of the people who had participated in the columns began, news arrived via the newspaper that police had given the deadline of 21:30 for the organizers to disperse the protest. Afterwards, the protest would be considered illegal.

Abruptly, while the organisers were still speaking at the stage, the police started firing rubber bullets into the crowd, beating people up and detaining them.

Many accuse them of using agents provocateurs in order to get pretext for this, which isn’t unusual in Spain. The organizers asked for the police to leave the square because they were conducting a perfectly legal and legitimate protest, but it was useless – police just kept escalating. The time was around 20:30, one hour before the deadline.

22M Marchas de la Dignidad
FULL report available > link here including VIDEOS
Selection of pictures >> link here

Respect For the Unemployed & Benefit Claimants sent solidarity greetings to the Spanish unemployed on the “March of Dignity” - solidarity greetings to the million marching demanding 'Dignity & Respect' from politicians. We support the demands raised by the organisers, most of them marching share our concerns in the UK:  we reject social cuts, we reject governments that carry out the policies of the Troika; we demand bread, work and social protection for all.

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